Gelfand Correspondence Program
in Mathematics

(GCPM)      established 1990
"In our century of rapid changes, it is impossible to know everything. The goal is to learn how to learn."
I. Gelfand  

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WHAT IS GCPM?       The Gelfand Correspondence Program in Mathematics (GCPM) is a correspondence program in mathematics at Rutgers University directed by Professors R. Wilson and I. Gelfand, a world-renowned mathematician. GCPM is for students who want to have a better understanding of math and to enjoy it.

HOW DOES GCPM WORK?       After enrollment you will receive three books: Functions and Graphs, Method of Coordinates and Algebra. (Two additional books, Trigonometry and Geometry, are in preparation). About once a month, we will mail to you assignments with problems and explanations. You will have to work on the problems, write your solutions and mail them back to us. GCPM mentors will read your work and respond with individual comments and suggestions, which you will receive along with the next assignment. The material is organized in three levels, each of which normally takes about a year to complete.

  • All the teaching materials, books and assignments, are developed by Prof. I. Gelfand and his collaborators. Along with the outstanding achievements in almost every field of mathematics, I.Gelfand has a long and unique experience of teaching math to students of all levels and abilities. Even concepts already familiar to you will look different when presented as a part of modern mathematics.

  • GCPM is very flexible. It allows students of different levels to progress at their own pace.

  • GCPM provides you with individual feedback. GCPM mentors will correct your work, respond to all your questions or concerns, and guide you to obtain the maximum benefit from your participation.

WHAT WILL I GAIN FROM THE PROGRAM?          As a student of GCPM you will:
  • learn how to solve challenging math problems
  • learn to express your ideas and knowledge
  • learn to understand the material rather than memorize it
  • learn to study and work independently, and thus increase your self confidence
  • discover that math is easy and interesting once you properly understand the material
  • improve in your school work and SAT scores
  • achieve a higher level in mathematics that will help you to get into a better college and enhance your future career
Upon completion of each of three levels of GCPM you will receive a GCPM certificate. Honored students will receive a letter from Professors I.Gelfand and R. Wilson. These documents may be useful when applying to college.

HOW TO APPLY TO GCPM?          Students of ages 13-17 are invited to apply to GCPM at any time during the year. Our main requirement is a student's willingness to participate. For each level there is a fee, which covers assignments and grading of a student's work. The fee for Level I is $400 (includes also books), for other Levels $300. You can request our special Introductory Assignment at no charge. To apply, see registration form.
For more information
or to apply, contact us:

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